I Believe

imageBrusho background, Pigma Micron pens. 19.06.16


Go In Peace

imageA little while ago I was asked to create some artwork around this beautiful Bible verse, for a lovely little girl who has some health issues. The above is a replica of that orginal watercolour and pen artwork that now hangs above her bed. Simple watercolour wash background, pen and the dove is highlighted with pearlescent white/silver watercolour paint.

Be like Jesus

Be like Jesus (c) Deborah Jane Gregg 2016

This was a quick simple doodle that I created on 24.01.16 inspired as a response to the social media ‘Be Like Bill’ meme. I shared my picture in a few Facebook groups, and to my surprise it went viral…with a few thousand ‘likes’ and numerous shares within just a few hours!

Please feel free to share on social media, use in churches and outreach, copy into your Journaling Bible, and it’s fine for general reasonable use, without copyright or acknowledgement needed. Just please┬ádon’t make or sell stuff with this image without asking me first. Thank you!

Image & design (c) Deborah Jane Gregg 2016